Explode Off the Starting Blocks: Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon

Dominate the track with blistering speed and shatter your personal bests with our in-depth guide to explosive sprinting.  Unlock your hidden potential with scientifically proven training methods used by world-class sprinters.  Download our free sprinting training guide (with premium options available) and transform yourself into a speed machine today!

The Science of Speed: Biomechanics for Peak Performance

Master the art of sprinting with a deep dive into sprinting biomechanics.  Optimize stride length with our powerful leg drive techniques and exaggerated knee lift drills.  Increase stride frequency for rapid leg turnover and an unbeatable cadence, all while maintaining explosive power.  Minimize ground contact time with our drills to maximize speed and dominate the competition.  Upgrade your sprinting form with our premium video tutorials (available for purchase).

Training Techniques for Unleashing Your Inner Beast

Build the foundation for explosive speed with our customizable strength training programs (designed by certified trainers).  Increase muscular power and neuromuscular coordination with exercises like squats, deadlifts, and plyometric drills.  Unlock hidden power with our selection of performance-enhancing plyometric equipment (like weighted vests and jump boxes).  Boost speed endurance with high-intensity interval training programs (designed for all fitness levels).  Improve lactate tolerance and crush your competition with our proven training methods.

Become a Speed Demon: Unlock Your Physiological Potential

Discover the secrets behind elite sprinter's lightning-fast speed.  Optimize energy production and muscular efficiency with our training programs.  Develop a high proportion of fast-twitch muscle fibers for rapid, explosive contractions.  Maximize performance gains with our science-backed training protocols.  Consult with our performance coaches (additional service) to create a personalized sprinting program designed to take you to the next level.